Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Faux Farm

Sometimes a house dictates what it wants to look like. My ranch house told me it wanted to be a farmhouse more than a cottage. I think in my heart I wanted a little farmhouse too - one full of cottage style with a touch of whimsy. I think I've achieved my goal on the outside. At night when I drive up - the solar caps on the fence posts lining my driveway wink at me as if to chuckle about the house's new look. A neighbor stopped by last evening as I was watering my plants. She wanted to know if I just moved in the neighborhood. I refrained from laughing. I've lived here thirty years. She loved the girl pulling the cow and wanted to know where to buy one. Shhh. I'll never tell. I don't want to ruin the neighborhood with too much silliness. My house has enough for all to enjoy.

Below are some photos of what we look like with our facelift!

Street view
Garden Lady

One of five Knock Out Rose bushes

Lady on wall by front window
Crusty metal flower hung on chimney

 Front door - new awning
Back gate, outhouse shutters, hen house, and egg sign!
And just as you were saying, how tastefully whimsical - Elsie appears in front of my gas meter!
I think I'll stay put for awhile!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Cozy Fireplace Mantel Can Warm Up The Bedroom

Antique tin ceiling tiles in old pink paint make up the center of the fireplace mantel.
My old bedroom had a huge amount of charm. When the sunlight filtered in the room, the apple green chest of drawers sparkled. Ice cream colors made for a happy room. One day I looked at all the sherbet colors and realized it was just too much. Too many odd pieces of furniture directly across from my bed. The green chest, an aqua book case, vintage hampers, and other sweet pieces appeared disjointed. I wanted something that was colorful, but restful. I sold most of the bedroom pieces to purchase the old chipped paint sea foam green Victorian mantel. I'd loved it for over a year in a shop in Monroe - then decided it would be the perfect piece to tie the room together.
The mantel had to be anchored above the baseboard. It looked as though it was floating in air. I took out my acrylic paints and added an 'extension' to the bottom, over the baseboard.
My old book case was placed before the mantel, but it didn't give the charm I wanted. A few months ago I purchased twelve antique ceiling tiles, in the sweetest old pink paint. I decided to fill the inside of the fireplace with the old tin tiles. I used my E6000 jewelry glue to adhere the tiles to the white wall. Tape held them in place while the glue dried. Next I cut one tile to place around the light switch. When all was in place, I grabbed my acrylic paints again and filled in around the tiles with grey paint to pull them together. Most had grey edges, but some of the white wall peeked through. A quick line of paint took care of that problem.
I put the book case in another room and brought in an old pink paint bench to place in front of the mantel, piled on a few books, a plant, and an old chippy pink paint watering can. I love the results.
Below are photos, before and after. I will post pictures of the entire room tomorrow.
The original look across from my bed. Just too busy.

Mantel with old bamboo bookcase. Still not quite right.
Mantel with old tiles and bench.
The finished product. I love how it turned out!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Something To Moo About!


"To laugh is human to moo is bovine."  Author Unknown
My old shop sign has found a new home! The reproduction tin sign of a girl pulling a cow is now on my roof.  The remains of black ink giving hours of operation have faded softly. I love the bit of whimsy it adds. 
The pieces of the puzzle for the outside of my house are coming together, but the final picture is not complete yet. Below are the parts that will make up the whole!

My Ebay purchase, en route as I write. Every cow needs a moon! or ten!
Sitting patiently to see what develops in the yard.
A large rusty metal flower waits to be hung on the house.
A vintage cement maiden dreams of the day she finds her perfect resting spot.
The cottage in my mind is full of whimsy and touched by beauty.