Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Little Christmas House Tour 2016

I made it to 2017. January lst. The year looms ahead. New beginnings, and for me, many changes in my life again. I greeted the New Year in my comfy thrift store, faux leather chair, my dogs happy in the house, Chloe my little Chihuahua tucked under a quilt on my lap, and felt a feeling of peace and joy fill my heart. I had been out earlier in the evening to see a movie with a friend and dinner at The Waffle House. Very low key on a cold, somewhat rainy, night. Most years I would have liked to have a friend share the dropping of the ball in Times Square with me, but last night I wanted to myself. To reflect on what the year had been and to think of those I've loved and lost. My mother closer in my thoughts than my husband. He has been gone since 2008 and up until this year, he was certainly in my thoughts at the holidays. Mother left me in August, so the pain is raw still, the memories of her more vivid. A calm came over me as I thought about how lucky I've been in my life. Even the passing of my loved ones was guided by a higher being. They stayed around long enough while ill for me to get used to the idea things would change, but not so long they suffered with pain.  I hope I've learned something this past year to guide me into 2017. Surrounded by dear friends and a pack of hoodlum dogs, I will figure it out. And my wonderful sister and her husband, miles away, but still a source of comfort and fun to visit with on the phone. My little twig star with its tin angel full of joy is a reminder of all the good things.

So, that said, before I take down my Christmas, I wanted to save my photos here. I did a bit of decorating, partly out of determination that I would not be sad, and partly because I promised myself there would always be trees! Now I have five little trees and lots of treasures to pack up until next year. My house is lovely, but I wonder if I will be in this house or a new (older) cottage next season. It's fun to dream and I am a dreamer. It is also a plus to know when you are lucky with what you have. I believe the universe will bring me what I need this year and I am anxious to see what's next.

My 2016 holiday tour is mostly so I can look back and remember this Christmas and say I love you, mother. I love you Brad. And I love all my friends who make life so sweet.

Farm table and mantel and a few other
little spots that called for a festive touch.

Sunroom and Office
Living Room, Dining Room, and Foyer
Wishing us all a Happy New Year full of love and friendship!