Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sunshine In My Window

Sun on my floors, a welcome sight!

     Today I will just enjoy my house, my yard and the world outside my front door. The final work on my bathroom, if you can call it that – decorating – can wait until tomorrow. There is reason to celebrate this Saturday... the sun is out! It looks and feels like spring. It is about time.
     The bleak weather has carried on too long. My dogs are restless. I am stir crazy. The basement leaked again from the rain the other night. My handyman is waiting for a few days of sunshine to dig out around the foundation and fix the problem. Scarlett would say. Today I am all about fun!
     I love the sun. I am at my best when it shines. It fills me with excitement, hope, energy, and possibilities. I am a Leo, ruled by the sun, so I am almost giddy in its presence.
    This morning the sun blinds me as I sit at the computer! Its rays pick up every bit of dust and dog dander on my floor. I don't care. And I am certainly not going to clean today! Soon I will be outdoors doing whatever sparks my imagination.
     The dogs had a huge romp in the yard and now do what they do best, sleep! All six are out cold, spread across the room on chairs and the sofa. Rascal takes full advantage of the sun's rays. Her head is aglow with light and her tiny paws sparkle. Her head begs to be kissed, but I don't want to wake her.

Sweet Rascal loves the sun too!

     The cottage in my mind has huge windows that draw in every bit of light from Mother Nature. My own ranch house is full of sun. I couldn't live in a house that was dark, no matter how charming it was in other ways. The bones are great in my ranch, it is missing those things I dream about in a much older cottage, but the basics are there and I can create my own little charming space.
     I came across a quote by the artist Edward Hopper that sums up my feelings about sunshine.
What I wanted to do was paint sunlight on the side of the house...Edward Hopper
(1882-1967, realist painter of twentieth-century America)
Seven A. M., 1948

High Noon

Light House

     I want to paint sunshine in every room of my house! The cozy cottage paint I used in the bathroom allows the room to explode with the light from outdoors. Maybe that is the shade for the rest of my rooms. Time will tell.
Enjoy your day! Back to work tomorrow as I share the final bathroom photos.

Links for Edward Hopper articles.

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