Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Every Cottage Garden Needs A Muse

Lily at Vintage Village in Snellville waiting to come home with me.

     Every cottage garden needs a muse. I found mine yesterday at a favorite shop,  Vintage Village,  in Snellville, Georgia. She is now in my van, waiting for my handyman to place her by the picket fence when he comes back to work in a few days. I have a good friend to thank for her!

      This week, I am trying to decide what to plant next to my new fence. Something that will thrive in the shade, come back each year, and have a touch of green in the winter months. Most of the trash shrubs along the fence line were cut down or dug up. Two plants remain that have a bit of history.

      There is a lone pink rose bush that surprises me each year when it blooms. It was planted before I moved to this house, and comes back despite years of neglect.

     A hydrangea bush, I planted eight years ago, and forgot about, still grows despite being covered by weeds and small trees that sprouted while I ignored the front yard.  My handyman was careful not to dig it up after I warned him the bush was there.

     While I am not sure what I want in the way of plants, I knew I needed a garden lady to tuck in the nook of the fence. My garden needed its muse. I have a love affair with vintage garden statues. They are in my back yard, they are highlighted as art inside my house. The really old and fragile ones sit on dresser tops, while sturdier ones are allowed to venture into the gardens. 

     All my friends know my passion for old cement. They keep an eye out for me and let me know if they find something special.

     A call came in early Sunday evening from an antique buddy.

    "I'm at Vintage Village and the most wonderful cement lady is here in another booth. Thought about you." My friend rents space at the shop under the name My Vintage Heart.  The shop was closed, she was dropping off treasures for her space, but the timing was great that the statue was still there.

     Vintage Village is located in Snellville, Georgia, about twenty-five miles up the road from my house. It is on my way to Monroe, where I rent a spot at Hodge Podge Art, Antiques and Interiors.  I usually stop in there when I make a run to my booth. It always feels like home when I visit and I rarely leave empty-handed.
     "Sending a text with her photo now."

      Within a minute the photo arrived, and I was beside myself. This was the lady of my dreams for the cottage in my mind. She is beautiful, weathered perfectly, and tall.    

       "OMG! I love her. Just what I wanted. I'll be there tomorrow to buy her. Leave a note on the front desk!"

      I called the shop first thing Monday and then ran out to pick up Lily, as she had been named.

     Lily will be placed inside the fence, facing the house. I will smile at her with delight when I sit in my living room. Look for photos when she makes her appearance!

Photo from the test message my friend sent me!



  1. Can't wait to see the pics when you get her placed in her new home! I'm so glad I could help bring you two together...and thanks so much for the link to my fb page!!

  2. What a wonderful statue Lily is and how great she will be there in your gardens. Will she be seen from the road? Wouldn't want someone else to think she would look grand in their gardens and decide to carry her off. Not to give you something to worry about, but there are thieves out there who love to steal garden accoutrements, large or small.


    1. I worried too about leaving her by the fence. She faces inside the fence so can't be seen from the street. She is also pretty heavy. Of course, I love my garden statues in the house and she could wind up in my bedroom by the fireplace mantel I have purchased, but yet to pick up! No fireplace, but a lovely old crusty green paint Victorian mantel.

      Do I need to be on the lookout for your car driving by and snatching Lily?????? haha.